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At the last dacade I turned the photography to my day job.
I learned and ended a photography and art school.
I always had a disire to take photos of people, and now i’m living it.

As a wedding photographer, my mission is to make you’r day a farytail, so as you look at the photos, you will come back to you’r perfect day.

Over the years I developed teciques that alow me to take photos and “derect” you as you are, so you will see and remember how you felt and looked that magical day.
So the photos will look natural, I give a lot of efford to get to know you and conect with you, It means a lot to me to know who you are and feel you.

Irit and Leon Vainshtein are professional wedding photographers based in Kiryat Yam, Israel. Being both the founders and lead photographers at “Irit & Leon Wedding Documentary”, The couple, specializes in candidly capturing the authentic beauty and raw emotion evident on your big day. Irit and Leon love to crystallize the journey of your special day using their eye-catching, vibrant style to create wonderful images that couples will cherish for years to come.
People describe Irit and Leon photography style as a blend of documentary and editorial portraiture, which combines to create vivid, creative images of your unique celebration.
Being a married couple since 2009 and parents for two daughters, Osher and Eden,  Irit and Leon have reached a high level of harmony both in their personal life as well as in their professional life as wedding photographers.

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