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Zimin Iliya - Videography

Over the years, I’ve shot hundreds of events and edited over 2,500 wedding films and event videos. I am a passionate film maker, dedicated to making your event last a lifetime through the screen. 
One of the things that set me apart as a filmmaker is combining a handheld filming technique with stabilizers, adding a special feeling of actually being there and relieving your event.
I personally edit each video in a non-linear way, focusing on telling your individual story and bringing forward the emotions, excitement and joy throughout the day.
I seek to get to know each couple individually and meet them prior to the event itself, learning about their personal vision, aesthetic and ideas. I believe in collaborating as much as possible with my clients, this way the end result will be exactly as they imagined.
One of my favorite parts of event videography is finding new filming locations, whether your event is in the backyard of your home or in a big event venue, each location brings new creative ideas and interesting stories to tell.

Looking forward to hearing from you:


Iliya was amazing throughout the entire journey. From the initial introduction meeting, he made sure to answer every question we had. During the wedding, Iliya gave us the feeling he was one of our friends, a part of the wedding party. The films were incredible and manage to get us emotional again and again.
Iliya, a huge thank you! We’re happy you were a part of this day.

Agus Oszlak

We received a recommendation on Iliya through a known private chef that has been working with him on a regular basis. Iliya shoots from his heart and his soul, he created an amazing highlights video from our event and sent it over very quickly. We were lucky that Iliya was the one to shoot our wedding.

Dolev Frenkel

Iliya was amazing throughout the entire journey. From the moment we first met he made sure he explained everything and answered any questions we had. During the wedding he was a big part of our wedding party and we felt like he was one of our friends! The films were absolutely wonderful and they manage to make us emotional time after time. Iliya, thank you so much!!! We are so happy you were a part of our day!


The entire interaction with Iliya was very pleasant, during the event we didn’t feel his presence at all but when we got the edited result, he was able to capture every moment we wanted! Iliya is super talented, the filming was amazing and special and the editing was genios. We were very happy with the entire process and very happy with the results.

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